Too many business owners have confidence in their insurance agent and program. May be it is because it is difficult to think about insurance or there are more important things to do, like running the business. Insurance policies are so thick and full of unfamiliar language. Recently I delivered a client’s policy and it was over 250 pages, so let’s face it, it is hard to even read an insurance policy – but it is necessary.

The definition of “luck” is “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.”

Recently I was “the insurance agent without the right policy” until my wife asked me to re-look at her business insurance policy and wow was I surprised. She is a property investor with apartments in the region and over the years each time she bought an apartment we simply added the location on to a master policy and never returned to re-review the coverage like I do for my clients. (Do you know the old saying “the cobbler without shoes?” Well, I was the agent without insurance!)

Even though I began my insurance career in my teens, until recently, I do not think that I truly understood the way people feel about buying insurance or renewing insurance. It was difficult for me to look at my insurance program because I also have a business to run and that business requires me to be attentive to my client’s policies. So I really can understand why people avoid making changes to their program – it is difficult to look at your own circumstance (and try to understand all of the policy language).

I urge you to re-look at your coverage this year with a professional agent that cares more about your coverage than a commission. The professional insurance agent’s job is to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” Do you need to be both; comforted and afflicted? A great professional agent can do that for you…

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Derek Wirz