On March 3rd, 2020, a deadly tornado swept through Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Unexpected, frightening, and devastating are the words I have heard when people describe the early morning of March 3rd. Businesses were leveled and homes destroyed. This event, this unfortunate and very devastating disaster, is the reason insurance is so important to you, your family, and your business.

Insurance is there to protect you from the unexpected. This tornado came at 1:00 AM, no one was prepared, and we must now come together to help each other. Most people think something like this will never happen to them, but you can truly never know.

As a new insurance agent, I have realized first hand that buying the right insurance is one of the most important decisions you have in life.  When everything is taken away from you and you have nothing left, your insurance carrier will be there to help you. Whether it is your house, your car or your business, times like these are why insurance is so important.  

If you would like to review your insurance, please call me.  I have a passion to insure you accurately and with the best carrier possible.  We represent fine insurance companies, including Cincinnati Insurance Company.  

Austin Case