My dad told me when he was training me “that it is the job of an insurance agent to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”  His quote is very true.  I want our blogs to be a guide to help you feel comfortable and give peace-of-mind when you have the proper insurance protection, but to feel uncomfortable when you are not properly covered.  Proper coverage will bring you peace-of-mind.

This broad principle of business insurance is written as a general guideline in these blogs. Some aspects of coverage can change from time to time.  Even as I write this blog, changes may be taking place in the insurance business that may negate what I once told our clients.  Additional changes will take place in the future—change is inevitable.

If your father was a contractor, you may have grown up going to jobsites with him and learning the business, much like I did in my father’s insurance business.  Times were different then—not in what was done, but in how it was done, especially in how insurance is handled, purchased, and underwritten.  Today, it seems that information is coming at us all faster than what we can consume, and processes change before your eyes…

My primary goal of this book is to help a business owner learn to insure the exposures he or she may face. Insurance coverage is a difficult subject to understand.  I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, as the saying goes. Explanation is now given for the good, the bad, and the ugly in insurance. Business owners can thrive with proper insurance or suffer without it.

My secondary goal is for the contractor to learn not only about protecting assets, but also how to reduce the premium dollar that is paid. Information is provided in the blog to make sure you receive the most favorable and accurate insurance classification—which is one of the main frustrations in the insurance business… what classification needs to be used and what is the best classification for your business, especially on Workers Compensation, General Liability, and Business Auto Insurance.  I hope we can help you properly classify your business through our content, making your insurance ideal.

My third goal is quite frankly self-serving, and that is to reduce the time it takes to discuss insurance “basics” with clients. If you received this publication from your insurance agent, he or she too is well served by your increased knowledge. The more a business owner knows about his exposures, the better he or she will appreciate why their hard-earned dollars go to pay for these insurance premiums.

It is the goal of this book to also improve the contractor’s individual business. If you improve just slightly those areas in which you are the weakest, you may improve bottom line profits, cover insurance losses with the proper form of coverage, and conserve time—our only irreplaceable resource. By improving business by just one-degree, it is possible to improve profits exponentially. 

Let this blog become your “Users Guide” to insurance for your business. A tool or machine comes with a user’s guide, but insurance policies do not.  The policy is the user’s guide but man, it is sometimes hard to understand the coverage… If you are planning to use a tool to make money, or at least improve your efficiency, you would want to know the best way to use the tool, wouldn’t you?  So what about your insurance policies?  Since not all policies are created equal, it is worth your time to study your exposures and how to insure the exposures, or at least know what to ask your agent to properly protect you.

Often times, insurance companies provide policies they believe are “user friendly,” but unfortunately, without providing a “user’s manual.”  They feel it is common sense. But common sense is not so common when it comes to insurance policies. If you have received this blog link from the insurance company that provides your valuable protection, it realizes the importance of your increased insurance knowledge.  Let this blog become your easy-to-read User’s Manual!

If you’d like to review your business or personal insurance, please call us at 423-763-1111.  We hope to answer your questions and serve you!