Step 1: We Will Understand Your Business Operations

Insurance companies rely on their agents to understand the businesses that they are insuring. That is the foundation to a successful partnership between policyholder, agent, and carrier.  The proper insurance starts with The Southern Agency producer understanding your operations and what your people do.

When we apply for a quote or coverage, we want the underwriter to feel that they are with us taking a tour of your business and operations.  If we do this right, your application will be on the top of the stack of the many other applications that the underwriter will review. Your producer will be able to make notes about the great things that you do to justify premium credits. Underwriters are very interested in this information.

Business insurance premiums are often negotiable and we want every quoting carrier to see that you care about your people, your business, and the best outcomes for all parties if an accident or an injury occurs. This understanding will translate into insurance companies offering their best rates and may even create attractive, competitively priced offers.

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