Step 7: Monitor Results, Set Goals for Best Outcomes, and Start Renewal Process Early

We will train your staff on SIX very specific processes that will make big differences in your results.  These involve:

  1. Show your management team a very specific 12 step hiring process to make certain that you hire the right employee for the right position.

  2. Provide our signature training portal for the Post-Offer, Pre-Placement employment process.

  3. Train the management team on how to manage the Post-Hire process.

  4. Prepare the organization for an injury through The Southern Agency exclusive signature process – the Pre-Injury process.

  5. When an accident occurs, your team must be prepared.  This preparation is learned—and most do not even know this process.  Most simply turn the claim into the carrier—but that is where the work begins.  Your Southern Agency producer will assist and guide your team to make sure the outcomes are predictable and understood.

  6. Helping set into motion the strongest Cost Containment process available.

Who would you want to be insured with an agent that simply sells policies, or one that represents the finest carriers and wrote the book on the process?

If you like what you see here, contact us and let us work on your program. Contact me and I will see to it you have an excellent experience with us and our carriers.

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