Beginning January 6, 2020 all companies that employ Commercial Drivers with Commercial Drivers License will be required to query the database and report all violations of the USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) drug and alcohol policy. By January 6, 2023, all employer will just use the electronic query of the database as opposed to the manual offline investigations to prior employers and resources. In the interim, both processes will need to be implemented.

Employers will need to register and designate your consortia/third party administrator under your USDOT number ( There is a charge for queries and the employer should select a plan that best fits their business requirements. All drug and alcohol violations (.04 and higher) must be reported by the close of the third business day after the employer’s knowledge of the violation. Also note that refusal to take an alcohol or drug test must be reported. In addition, the return to work tests will also need to be reported.

All current employees will be required to be queried against the data base on an annual basis. However, any query of the data base will require a consent from the driver. The sample format for the consent is listed at

To learn more about the program please refer to or contact:

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

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