Tracey Wirz, Administrative Support & Accounting

Tracey Wirz is a licensed agent and the Secretary and Treasurer of The Southern Agency. She works closely with all aspects of marketing and accounting for the agency.

As Tracey says, “We created the agency because there was a void in the marketplace to serve businesses with the right mix of insurance programs and partners to protect businesses and executives. The key is helping manage hazards and reduce risks. There are a lot of great agencies out there but I wanted our firm to be much different."

“As a successful real estate investor, I believe strongly that there is a process for every business to follow. To be successful and profitable there is a formula that must be followed so we created the 7 Step Process that is the center-piece and now the foundation of the success of The Southern Agency.”

"This 7 Step Process is a great balance in the marketplace because most agencies' value proposition is to ‘save money…’ and that model is simply not sustainable. When Derek wrote the book on the Workers’ Compensation I knew we had to implement his defined processes with policyholders. It is so much fun to see the results of his thousands of hours of study and practice in The Southern Agency.”

Tracey and Derek are real estate investors and own the agency together. They both share the duties of running The Southern Agency. They have two children, Jacob & Madie. Jacob is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and has a master's degree from the University of Oxford; he currently serves as a surface warfare officer in the Navy. Madie is a senior at Auburn University.