Are you vulnerable to a brownout or power surge?

At a meeting, a speaker asked how to avoid “coverage misunderstandings.” One agent spoke up and said “R.T.D.P.!”  Puzzled, the instructor asked, “What is R.T.D.P.?” the agent replied “I tell my clients to Read The Dang Policy…”  Smart advice, but there is one problem and that is that insurance policies are often hard to understand.  [...]

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The Best Outcomes Start with Pre-Injury Management

There are so many indirect costs to an employer when an employee is injured and none of these costs are covered by an insurance policy. These costs are not insurable and are not always easily identifiable but do impact the bottom line.  These indirect costs are not always tangible payments either and could be as simple as [...]

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Don’t Go Down Lucky Lane in 2016!

Too many business owners have confidence in their insurance agent and program. May be it is because it is difficult to think about insurance or there are more important things to do, like running the business. Insurance policies are so thick and full of unfamiliar language. Recently I delivered a client's policy and it was [...]

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